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picknickers_panel 01
pro 2005/05 - 2008/02 extension and restauration of a house from the 50th, in the golden ground
material exposed concrete, oak, coated steel, linoleum, zink
client katja & brian jones
engineers bollinger-grohmann, ffm
01 04
'The Picknickers' is a design roposal for the Canberra Biennale 2005 competition’s call for contributions on Temporary Architecture, Australia. ‘The Picknickers’ suggests a temporal occupation of green spaces and soft spots on the exhibition site, with a number of visitors who want to participate; it is an interactive installation. 

B_Mr. Kurt Lustig (18 months) enjoys a tomato or two in a sunny environment with the freedom to eat them his way.

A_for ‘Building a House’ you need a blanket (or two) and to find the right spot under a couple of trees that naturally form a roof.

P_for a temporary dwelling of one day, you may use the following ingredients: A scenic location with a spectacular view, a soft spot such as a summer meadow, under 6 trees, a family of three including a toddler, one or more blankets, a picknick basket with 4 glasses, spoons, forks and knifes, salt and pepper and a coffee can, various sorts of refreshments such as tomatoes, italian sausage, swiss cheese, a melon and an avocado, bizcuits and a chiabatta bred, some vegetables, and a few soft and cold drinks including champagne, fruit juices of two colors and aquaminerale, and a couple of toys.